7 ways that can help you get a man to do anything you want!


#1. Try to act like you are in distress and you need his help. This always works.

#2. Give him what he wants and he will give you what you need in return. This always helps.

#3. Try to make him think that it was his idea to do something, even if it was yours. Men like to feel their significance in the relationship.

#4. You can use the tone of your voice. It should be the nicest of all your possible tones.

#5. Increase his mood by giving him compliments and saying pleasant words before asking about something that you want very much.

#6. Kiss him deeply and then ask for what you want. In most cases, this works very well.

#7. Use the rule “Give one, get one back”, if you want to get what you want from him.

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