10 Things to Consider Before Moving In Together


Moving in together is a big step for any relationship. Big changes create new challenges and sometimes new conflicts of interest.

So many of my friends moved in together fairly soon or right after they started dating and then ended up complaining and regretting that choice. Intense chemistry of the honeymoon phase might cause people to make hasty, impulsive decisions.

This doesn’t mean that moving in together right away is necessarily a bad step for a relationship. Just be sure to take all things into consideration and inform yourself about the commitment, beforehand.

Regardless of what “stage” of a relationship you and your partner are in, I’m sure that these 10 points will help you prepare for living together and making it a decision you can feel confident about!

1. Less Independence

So many of my friends, who moved straight from living with their parents to living with their partner, ended up regretting never having had their independence.

Have you ever lived on your own? Is it something you feel like you need to experience?

If you answer “yes” to either of these questions then keep it in mind that now might be the time, when it’s easiest to make that happen.

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